House and Villa Renovations

From time to time most houses and villas need to be refurbished.

After several years of constant use buildings can get "tired" and need to brought back up to standard. This is particularly the case with rental properties that inevitably get more wear and tear than owner occupied homes.

These sort of renovations usually involve making good any faults that have occurred such as leaking roofs, broken window frames, cracked doors, repairing or replacing plumbing, upgrading electrical circuits and fittings, repainting walls, revarnishing woodwork or cleaning and refinishing stonework.

Many people who buy or lease a property often wish to make changes, perhaps the decoration doesn't suit them or they may even wish to make modifications to the building.

More substantial work may involve adding an extension, replacing a roof, installing insulation, changing floor tiles, rebuilding bathrooms or repairing earthquake damage.

Whatever your needs Bali Renovations can help. If you need technical advice or would like a quotation please contact us.