Business Renovations

Are you opening new business premises? Perhaps an office, restaurant or shop? You may be expanding or upgrading your existing space it is probable that you will wish to upgrade or modify the facilities to suit your purpose.

Business renovations are often more serious projects particularly if there is an impending opening date to work to or if the business must keep on operating while the work is progressing.

Unlike building a new building, renovation requires working within the constraints of an existing building which can often be more far more challenging than starting from scratch. Very often you will be restricted by the structure of the existing building or the amount of land area available.

Renovation may mean simply a new coat of paint but is more likely to require changes to suit a new working purpose, you may need doorways or windows to be moved, ceilings lowered or modifications to lighting or power outlets.

This may also be a time to look at the building as a whole and rectify long term problems such as ground subsidence, drainage, dampness in walls, unsafe electrical installations or water and sewerage arrangements.

Some renovations, such as design studios or restaurants, may require specialist cabinet work or kitchens to be installed.

Professional workspaces often require higher quality installations. A recent restaurant renovation needed particular care in the toilets and washing areas where high usage puts excess strain on the facilities. In a recent specialist renovation we were required to install comprehensive electrical and communications cabling to British standard specifications.

It may be important that you keep your business operating and so you need to renovate a building without disrupting your ongoing work schedules. In such cases it is important that the project is carefully planned and executed, for further information see our section of Project Management.