Renovation of Electrical Installations

Electrical systems require particular care. Damaged or substandard wiring or fittings are a major cause of house fires and can also lead to electrocution.

Over time electrical systems deteriorate with corrosion of wiring and fittings, and damage which may be caused by bad weather, human activity or particularly damage by vermin. Rats are a particular problem, they love to chew the insulation on electrical cables.

Another problem is caused by the use of low quality fittings such as light switches, plug sockets and lightbulb holders. Over the last few years much better quality fittings have become available but buildings more than a few years old or those built more recently by local builders may have poor fittings.

It is wise to check the condition of electrical installations from time to time and if necessary rewire the building.

Electrical Standards

Electrical installations in Indonesia are covered by SNI (Indonesian Standard) known as PUIL 2000. We abide by this standard and actively promote awareness and use of it.

We also install to other standards and in a recent high profile renovation we were required to install comprehensive electrical and communications cabling to British standard specifications. Much of the the equipment and fittings had to be imported from Britain.