Project Management

What can sound Project Management offer you?

  • Management to ensure that the project is executed properly with such aspects as architectural design, structural design, ground survey, soil tests, building permits, compliance with regulations all carried out to standard.

  • A work plan to manage the sequence and timing of the many jobs that may need to be done.

  • Proper documentation of the project is carried out.

  • A bill of quantities is prepared with ongoing financial management to bring to project in on budget.

  • Site investigation including site identification and demarcation, ground survey and soil tests are carried out properly.

  • Supervision of construction work to make sure that standards are met both in terms of quality of work and in the use of materials.

  • Supervision of plumbing and electrical work to ensure correct installation.

Time delays may mean lost revenue or inconvenience.
It may be that you need to renovate a building without disrupting your ongoing work schedules and so need a project that is carefully planned and executed.

When carrying out large projects Bali Renovations use project management techniques such as Gant charts and critical path analysis to plan and manage the sequence of activities and events and ensure timely and organised project execution. It is important to know that that special piece of equipment will take time to arrive from Jakarta or that a piece of work cannot be started until other jobs have been completed.

Similarly costs must also be managed and planning and foresight can lead to financial control that can avoid budgets increasing as a job progresses.

Bali Renovations have many years of experience in property maintenance and renovation work. We pride ourselves on providing technically sound, high quality solutions to even the most challenging of projects.