Specialists in Property Renovation & Upgrading

Bali Renovations are specialists in renovation work. We pride ourselves on providing technically sound, high quality solutions to even the most challenging of projects.

We carry out work on everything from major office buildings and hotels to private residences and our projects may involve anything from simply painting walls to major restoration projects and including highly technical structural work such as underpinning damaged foundations.

We offer a complete range of services

Perhaps your property is just a little tired and needs refurbishment to bring things back up to scratch. Perhaps a new coat of paint, varnish the woodwork and bring the lighting up to date. It is surprising what a difference can be achieved with a very modest investment.

On the other hand you may be considering major renovation work or even a partial rebuild. You may need to repair serious structural problems in which case you may require professional engineering design and supervision.

Whatever your needs we are able to offer you a complete service no matter how serious or daunting the task may appear. We carry out all types of property renovation and upgrading from simple redecoration to major refurbishment, building modifications and serious structural repairs.

If you are opening new business premises or expanding or upgrading your existing space it may be that you will wish to renovate.

Unlike building a new building, renovation requires working within the constraints of an existing building which can often be far more challenging than starting from scratch.

Renovation may mean just a new coat of paint but is more likely to require changes to suit a new working purpose, you may need doorways to be moved, rooms to be reconfigured, ceilings lowered or modifications to lighting or power outlets. We can provide the technical expertise needed to address these issues.

This may also be a time to look at the building as a whole and rectify long term problems such as ground subsidence, rising damp, drainage, electrical installations or water and sewerage arrangements.

Some renovations, such as showrooms, design studios or restaurants may require specialist installation work or fully equipped kitchens to be installed.

In a recent high profile renovation we were required to install comprehensive electrical and communications systems to British standard specifications.